Officiating Services

Officiating Services

At Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear, we know sometimes couples don’t have a hometown church or family pastor who can perform their wedding ceremony. For couples who are looking for a non-denominational officiant, we are proud to offer professional wedding officiant services.

We are ordained by the Universal Church of Life which welcomes all people of all beliefs and we are approved to perform ceremonies in Nebraska.

How Does it Work?

An officiant will meet with the couple at Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear and discuss their vision for the ceremony. We will provide framework for the ceremony and vows and work together to identify special passages, quotes, and music that are important to the couple.

What Are the Fees?

The officiant fee includes one consultation, the rehearsal, and the ceremony. Should there be any travel outside the Kearney, Nebraska city limits or overnight travel, those expenses will be paid by the couple. If the wedding date falls on any major holidays or market dates, there will be a holiday service fee. Late ceremony requests (less than 2 weeks notice) will have a late fee. Discounts will be provided for wedding ceremonies that occur Monday – Thursday.

Here are a few tips when selecting a professional wedding officiant:

1.  What type of ceremony do you want? Modern or traditional? Religious or secular? Musical or special readings? 10 minutes or 60 minutes? Prior to communicating with an officiant, the couple should discuss what kind of ceremony will best share their relationship with others and allow you to communicate your commitment to one another. Your officiant will be able to share some templates for ceremonies and help you complete the details of the experience.

2. What are the local requirements? While your officiant should be able to tell you the local requirements and whether or not they are approved in your county or state, it’s always helpful to do your own homework just to be sure. For example, in Connecticut, Virginia, and Nevada, an officiant ordained online is not recognized. Validation can very by county so it’s best to call your county office. For example, Buffalo County in Nebraska recognizes online ordained officiants and only requires they, 1. Have a title such as minister, reverend, or pastor; 2. Complete the paperwork within 2 weeks after the wedding and return it to the county office.

3. Can you meet with your officiant? While you don’t necessarily have to meet in person, if you and your fiancee are able to have more than one interaction it will help you understand if your personalities are a match. While you don’t need to be best friends with your professional officiant, you do want to feel comfortable and “jive” with them.

4. What do you want the officiant to wear? Be sure to let the officiant know what you would like them to wear. If you’re having a casual wedding and wearing boots, it might make more sense for your wedding style to have them dress differently than if you’re having a formal tux & tie wedding. Your officiant will be able to give some suggestions as well.

Give Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear a call today at (308) 708-0678 or email to book a wedding date and schedule a consultation. We’re thrilled to help you commit your love to one another.

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